Week 1:Let’s Get This Party Started:

The first week of working at Empower at Glowtouch Tech was very interesting. Coming into this program I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I dove into the wondrous world of web coding, I became hooked. Treehouse is the platform that we nine African American females used to soak up information about HTML and CSS. Treehouse, I feel, is a very fluid platform for teaching. For example, the guided lessons have a balanced amount of quizzes and activities to check on progress. I found this function very useful because it helped me recall any information I may have forgotten and/or needed to work on.

I feel that the most challenging part of treehouse was remembering the flow of the html. For example, when setting up a webpage you need to remember that the basic order is always:

<!DOCTYPE html>








This is something that I had to practice over and over again to fully grasp. I feel that my forgetfulness of the order had to do with all the elements in between the main parts of the coding. The most interesting thing I learned through Treehouse was how a website was set up. For example, I never knew or thought about the background of making a website. I did not realize that it took so much coding to create some of the most simple pages.

I think that the biggest takeaway from Ms. Fitzpatrick was that when given the opportunity or chance you have to take it. For example, if you have a skill that you might’ve thought was useless, it may not be as useless as you thought. For example, that skill can lead you down a pathway of other opportunities and can affect your future.  

The biggest takeaway from Eric, our first presenter, was that machine learning can be used for almost everything. I found it very interesting that the technology we use every day can be traced to machine learning. Machine learning can also be seen in various fields.

I think the last thing I want to add is that I am glad I jumped on this bandwagon and started learning how to code. I see how this skill can affect my future and lead me to make adventures along the way.


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