Week 6: Hard Work Really Does Pay Off

So, this week was filled with A LOT of activity. My partner and worked on building a website for our documentary. We gathered information about our topic, decided on the template for our design, and how we wanted to format our information. It was a lot of hard work due to editing the pages on our site. Every time we added an element, we got it checked with our supervisor and then went back to edit it. I tell ya, this whole week was full of trial and error but, it was also full of accomplishments and satisfaction. I feel that our (mine and Victoria’s) website has turned out really well. It is very crisp and eye-catching, and it matches the topic of choice: Women in Biomedical Engineering.

This is the link to our page for all that are interested in this very compelling website: https://msmanners10.wixsite.com/women-in-stem

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